My son!
Listen to my counsel and learn discretion
Hear the words of my mouth and be wise
For a wise man loves admonishment
But a fool despices same and gets more foolish

A rattling tongue often run into trouble
For the tongue is as sharp as the two edged sword
It is an instrument of war that is often times neglected
With the tongue, a battle line
Fiercer than the great war of Troy can be drawn

Brothers have turned enemies through the tongue
Friends have turned adversaries still through the tongue
With the aid of our little member called tongue
Kingdoms and Empires have been thrown down

My son!
Do not be ignorant of the power of the tongue
For with it, your kingdom can be established
And with it, same can be torn down

Alas! My son!
Use the tongue in your favour
Talk when necessary and count every words you say
Ponder on your mind the words you are to say
For this is a way for a wise king to go

A word when not spoken causes no harm
But once spoken can never be retraced
Do not give yourself to much words for these are the ways of the parrot

© Victor Eshiet

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