Wisdom of my Father (Episode 4)


Learn me your ears and my wisdom shall be made bare before you
Come close to me and gain wisdom

Poverty is a cankerworm that eats through the integrity of man
Honourable men have been subjected to ridicule by her
A rich man is loved by his friends but poverty and failure have no friends
The rich control everything while the poor are slaves even to them

The rich will get richer while the percentage of poverty for the poor is higher than you can imagine
Money does not thrive in poverty and will never thrive

Make sure you are not poor if you want to enjoy the good things of life
For money answers all errands

Alas my son!
Beware of desperation
A desperate man is vulnerable to anything
Fame that will stand the test of time is gotten through hard work and diligence
For a delivery man will always appear before great men

Cling into hard work and diligence and you shall be rewarded handsomely…

© Victor Eshiet

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