Wisdom of My Father: (Episode 2)


Listen to your father my son
For wisdom is better than rubies
Be attentive to my instructions and be wise
For the simple despises wisdom
And suffers the repercussion of his folly
Incline your ears to my wisdom and be wise
For a wise man keeps company with the wise
But a foolish chap is seen in the company of mischief makers

Never give yourself to strong drink
A drunkard has no secret

The world is too fierce for a parrot to survive

Strong drink is meant for the weak
Who do not have the intention of facing their face on the face
To them it revives and refresh their bodies
But in reality
Like a cankerworm feasts on his prey
They are eaten up to their doom slowly

You may say

‘Let me make merry this once for life’s too short’

Life may be shorter if you give yourself to much wine

Greatness is in your blood
Manifest same with diligence and not with strong drink

Greatness is never in how many bottles of liquor you take
But in how many lives you affect

To this end
Pour your passion on being great
And the sky will surely be your starting point

© Victor Eshiet

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