Listen to me and gain wisdom
Hear my wisdom and gain understanding
For a man of wisdom thrives even in the harshest of circumstance
Though a man be with much rubies today
Without wisdom he will be brought down to earth
Listen to the words of my mouth today and be wise
Be wise as a serpent

Today I speak to you regarding women

Show me a man that has control of his scrotum
And I’ll show you a free man

Women are naturally gifted to make or mar
Treat a woman rightly and she will make you

The irony in life knows no bound
Never pursue after women for anything you pursue after will flee from you
Pour your strength on the right thing
When the right time comes for you to choose a bride you’ll sure know

Love your bride like yourself and you’ll prosper
But be careful to wait for the right time
Don’t be too fast and never be late

Never waste the strength of your youth on women
Though they may look enticing
Never give in for great men that precede you
Were brought down by them
Even men of substance were brought to bare by this same element

Be a man of means and women will come trooping to your door
Choose your bride and love her like yourself

Perhaps this isn’t the time to share your rod with them
Sheath your sword and work to be a man of means
For men of substance control everything including women!

© Victor Eshiet

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