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Why we sing by Kirk Franklin is another call to worship. In this song, we are being reminded why we should sing and glorify God’s name.

Franklin says he sings because he’s happy, free and that God’s eyes is on the sparrow. If God’s eyes is on a little animal like the sparrow, how about man?

The song is modulated but the call to worship continues.

If you’re wondering why Kirk Franklin is singing, it is because God is the reason why he sings.

Glory Hallelujah, glory and praises belongs to the Lord and even when the song is over, we are all going to say Amen then the song will never end. If by chance anyone asks you if you were merely putting a show, just wave your hands and say glory Hallelujah.

Everyone of us have one or more reasons to glorify and praise God.
Look on the things He’s done for you and you’ll sing and praise him.

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