What Is Life by Victor Eshiet

What is Life

Shakespeare puts it this way:
‘Life’s but a walking shadow
A poor player that struts and frets
His hours upon the stage
And is seen no more’

To some, life is but a hoax
To some, life is a temporary place where they pass from to another phase
And to some, ‘You’ll Only Live Once’

What is Life then?

What is Life when death beacons just when your prime emerges?
What is Life when the people that matters most to you are no more?
What is Life when you can’t have what makes life convenient?
What is Life when some are enjoying affluence while some are subjected to perpetual poverty?

Let us hear the conclusion

Life is short and you should make everyday of your existence count
Pursue peace with all men and never keep malice
Forgive quickly and move on swiftly

Life is a race tho not for the Swift
How you start matters but a little
What matters most is how you end it

© Victor Eshiet

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