Voice Training Tips and Exercises


Voice training exercises

The muscles you use to talk are the same muscles that you use to sing.
For beginners however, maximizing and making use of these muscles can be devastating, this is because it takes hard work and making use of the right posture while singing that gives the voice the tenacity it needs to function well.
Your voice doesn’t need to be perfect before you start taking this exercises, in fact, if you can not sing properly or if your voice is not in the condition you’d like it to be, this lesson is for you.

In this series of vocal lessons, I will be teaching you how to take your voice to the level of a pro as you would like it to be.
The objective of these series, is to expose you to exercises that will enlarge and fine-tune your vocal chords and muscles.

In a bit to increase your vocal range, the first thing or exercise to undergo is the STRENGTHENING OF THE MUSCLES OF THE INNER LARYNX

*Strengthening of the Inner Larynx: This exercise is the first to undergo if you ever wish to increase the compass of your voice. This exercise will help you to get your high notes without straining your voice and will not only give you a good tone quality but will also make singing enjoyable.
Never look down on these exercises no matter how inconsequential you may feel it is and no matter how hard it may be.
When you adhere to these exercises, you will find out that:
¶ Improved singing
¶ Relaxed singing
¶ Connection to your upper vocal chords and thereby improved high register singing.
¶ Improved tonal quality.

I strongly advice that this exercise be taken religiously and with seriousness and I promise you to get better in less than no time.



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