Victor Eshiet – The Irony of Life (Spoken Word)

“The Irony Of Life”

Like a man whose hopes were dashed on the wall he walked the streets talking to himself.

People thought he was insane but he was just out of his mind.

It would’ve been a light matter if the woman he impregnated had pushed out but one child.

Nah! His woman was so fertile that she brought forth three cute babies.

He wasn’t a man so blessed by Father Mammon and he had no rubies in his torn pockets; not even a coin.

He knew he was in for it and had to runaway from his fears.

Stupidity had waited so long to fit but a man then he presented himself and became the stupidest thing on this globe of sin.

Things had gone sour the night he enjoyed bliss with:
Rita his neighbor.
Even Amanda the mother was not aware they were together.

The babies came at last but Mr. John the father had absconded upon receiving the news of him having three babies all at once.

Meanwhile on the other side of the coin laid gloom.

A man’s household was about to shatter just because his wife couldn’t give him an issue.

Not even one child!

The irony of the whole matter is quite laughable that Mr. John had despised the free gifts of the gods whereas the other man had begged to have just but one child.

When you see Mr. John, flee from him for he’s been cursed by the travails of the woman he gave his loins to.

Victor Eshiet

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