Unconditional Love by 2Baba (Tuface) MP3 DOWNLOAD

Unconditional love by 2Baba is a song of hope and assurance. It talks about the continuos judgement that people judge others. They judge others without knowing and wanting to know what they’ve been or passed through. All they know is become a judge.

The music maestro (2Baba) also extends his heart of gratitude to his mother for raising him and loving him unconditionally. It’s only a mother can love and cherish the child no matter what comes. He also extends the appreciation to the dad for staying with the mom and two of them joining hands to raise him to where he is today.

Judging others has become a norm in today’s society and people who are worst in sin constantly judge others for sinning differently.

They judge you without knowing what you’ve been through
They shave your hair without knowing the shape…

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