Types of Songs to Choose when going for Audition

Have you ever been in a position where you spent hours on a daily basis to practice just to nail a song you deem perfect for your audition. You’ve printed your music perfectly and your outfit is gorgeous and arguably, ‘a killer outfit’ coupled with a nice shoe to match and then head out the door. Getting to the audition, however, you’re asked this dreaded question ‘did you come with any other song?’ and you never thought of going to the audition with more than a song. How was the feeling? You’d probably gasped for air and freaked out. Well, the long and short of the matter is that you didn’t go there with any other song and you left the audition broken and didn’t get to play the role.

Maybe this wasn’t you or could be a friend of yours or a family member or a homie. Whatever the case maybe, just don’t let it be you!

The first thing that you need to do in anticipation of an audition is PREPARATION. By preparation I mean practicing ton of good songs that you can comfortably and confidently bring out at the slightest possible time. Let these songs be in your audition book because you could be called upon for an impromptu audition and there is no time for you to practice.

Below are types of songs that should be listed in your audition book.

1. Soundheim Songs

Soundheim Songs are mostly dreaded by upcoming artistes going for audition, this is due to it’s phrasing and crazy rhythmic structure but it’d sure be a plus if you can handle it at a spin of a ball and it’ll sure thrill the judging crew.

2. Jazz

What should come to your mind when this genre is mentioned should be Frank Sinatra’s Made Famous. Remember how Mueller Jessie told a story of how she auditioned for ‘On a Clear Day You Can See Forever’ and she actually used the song it might as well be spring by State Fair. She was asked almost immediately, if she had something that was more jazzy that could be incorporated into the show. She didn’t have so she simply asked the musicians that were accompanying the song for her to speed up the original song she was singing and then sang with the classics of Hammerstein and Rodgers. Guess what? The job was given to her.

What does this story tells you?
It’s simple, just be sure to have some jazz standard musicals incorporated into your audition book or be creative enough to introduce some tweaks when situation calls for it.

3. Rock

Going to audition for shows like American idiot, Rock of Ages, Rent, Spring Awakening to mention but a few, without Rock musicals could be disastrous.
You need to incorporate these musicals if you must be given the job.

4. Contemporary
Calling this the style of Jason Brown wouldn’t be a bad idea. Be sure to gather songs from the famous standalone cabaret.
Lowdermilk and Heisler are two forces to reckon with when choosing songs from this genre.

5. Pop Musicals
Michael Jackson, Carol King and Sara Barreilles should come to your mind on this genre.
Be sure to pack plenty of pop musicals into your book as you go for audition. The judges would likely choose from there.

6. Disney

Disney is a force to reckon with as far as Broadway is concerned. If you’re into Broadway or a musical theatre actor you can’t escape it.
So be sure to have some in your book before running off for audition.

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Note that this list is for a start and not exclusive.
Add the genre you feel has been omitted in the comment box.


Thanks for reading!

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