Tuface: Just Me (Only Me) by 2Baba MP3 Download

Only me by 2baba (Tuface) is a reminder to the fact that it is not just us living in the world.
We cannot afford to live in isolation because of what we feel we have.

Some are educated with degrees, masters degrees and even Doctorate degrees but we are being admonished to stay single because where we stop is where others start.

Tuface reminds us that everything in life is vanity and we can afford to brag or kill ourselves for what we cannot afford.

2baba uses himself as the case study to how things would be if it were to be only him.

He says he’ll be living like he doesn’t care, living his life anyhow because nobody will be there to challenge him.

We are all natural beings and not supernatural and to this end we need love, peace and unity for our betterment…

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