Tuface: In Your Eyes (I See) by 2Baba MP3 DOWNLOAD

In your eyes (I see something in your eyes) by 2Baba is a song that reminds us of the lies, betrayal, frustrations and suffering going on in the world today.

Once upon a time people start to suffer in pains and dejection says 2baba.

Everything is in the eyes and it is very obvious for us to see.
In the eyes, you see sadness, madness, joy, happiness, pains, misery and tragedies.

2face says he’s come to realize that everything in the world is boldly written in the eyes and it’s painful and frustrating.
He sees police shooting innocent citizens that’s done nothing, he sees politicians looting and people dying of hunger.

In the midst of the lies and pains, he also sees a light at the end of the tunnel. He sees revolution and he sees unity at last where Muslims and Christians praying together for the peace of the country.

Pains and misery is part of life but we should not increase the pains for people but we should rather help alleviate it in the shortest way we can.

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