Tuface: E be like say by 2Baba MP3 Download

E be like say by 2baba is another blockbuster song from Tuface and this one is addressed to politicians who loot our funds and scatter our economy for their own gain.
E be like say calls them out and is asking them if they want to act another movie, sing another song, dance a new dance or bring out a new comedy.

He addresses the fact that the people come out to vote for them thereby handing power to them but instead for them (politicians) to do projects in the best interest of the citizenry, they fill their pockets and loot our funds.

The power becomes nothing since the people are living in harsh conditions. They are also being implored to change their ways because the people are pushed to the wall and they could bounce back.

No be small thing is the phrase he uses to end the song and the message is loud and clear.

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