Top 10 Richest Musicians in the world

Top 10 Richest Musicians in the world

This top ten world’s richest musicians are solely gotten from how their net worth are reflected in Forbes list.
Also note that this musicians do not only make their monies from music alone but also engage themselves in other businesses and works of life.

The first on the list is
1. Paul McCartney:

Paul McCartney

His net worth is pegged at 1.2 billion US dollars.
He is a member of the beetles and he’s made huge money which he can still boast of till date.
Though he is a solo artiste now, his affiliation to the renowned beetles still avails him with the opportunity he needs to be the richest Musician in the world.
His money comes from his songs and the ones he did with the beetles.
McCartney is the world’s richest musician.

2. Andrew Llyord Webber:

Andrew Webber 

Andrew Webber’s net worth is 1.2 billion US dollars.

He hails from Britain and has done so many songs including THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA which is based on the French le fantome del opera.
The phantom of the Opera has been been performed on stage for about 10 thousand times since creation.
Andrew Webber has bagged Grammy Awards for three times, an Academy award and of course a Tony Awards for seven times.
This prolific musician is the second richest world over.

3. Jay Z:

Jay Z

This amazing rapper is pegged at number three with 1 billion US dollars as net worth.
Jay Z who also doubles as a business man is the first hip hop artiste to become a billionaire.
Apart from music, Jay Z is also into real estate business, liquor business, arts and also a stake holder in big firms.

4. P Diddy: Diddy takes number four spot with net worth of 855 million US dollars. P Diddy is not just a rapper but he is into other stuffs like acting, fashion, producer of records and lots more.
His fashion designing company called P Diddy Combs give him part of his net worth.

5. Madonna: Madonna comes in at number five with net worth of 850 million US dollars. She is often called queen of pop by her fans.
In 1998, she shook the world by being the best selling female artist by the world Guinness book of record with her hit track VOGUE.

6. Herb Alpert: Alpert bags the number six position despite sharing the same net worth (850 million US dollars) with Madonna.
His Fame came as a result of being the head of the notoriously famous Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass (know for jazz music). He has sold over 75 million albums since he left the military to pursue a career in music and has won seven Grammy Awards.

7. Dr. Dre: Dr. Dre is the seventh world’s richest Musician with 820 million US dollars as net worth. He is known for his album the chronic which reportedly sold worldwide at about 6 million albums.
Dr. Dre is a rapper, actor and of course an entrepreneur. He started a headphone beats by Dre with his business partner Jimmy Lovinne in 2008 but sold it to Apples in 2004 for a whooping 2 billion US dollars.

8. Celine Dionne: Celine Dionne falls into number eight with a whooping net worth of 800 million US dollars. She is the richest Canadian female singer who is also a song writer and an entrepreneur.
I won’t weary myself in explaining who Celine Dionne is because she is very popular.

9. Bono: Bono takes the number ninth spot with 700 million US dollars as net worth.
His band U2 which he formed at the age of sixteen, has been honoured with the twenty two Grammy Awards have released twelve albums since inception.
Bono is known for his philanthropic gestures as he donates his monies to several charities to aid in the fight against poverty and HIV AIDS.

10. Rihanna:


Rihanna takes the number 10 spot with five hundred million US dollars net worth.
Rihanna has not gone for any tour of any kind and has not released any new song for the past three consecutive years but was named the richest female Musician in America by Forbes. Yes you heard me right, Rihanna is the richest female singer in America.
Rihanna does not solely depend on music for her money, she is also an artiste and entrepreneur.
Infact, her make-up business alone fetched her 570 US dollars in 2018 alone.

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