Timaya FT Flavour MONEY MP3 Download

Timaya FT Flavour MONEY MP3 Download

Eastern finest vocalist Flavour joins Egberi Papa Timaya to honour their fans with a super duper track called M.O.N.E.Y.


There are few songs in Nigeria that has deep meaning, and this song is one of them. It’s not just for dancing.

Although it pulls you up on your feet at its sound, but this song should be paid attention to.


It talks about the essence of money, how many people are drawn to the rich and neglect the poor, how much difference a little a cash can do in your life.

When Money No Dey

Everybody Run Away

Owute(being broke) is a taboo.


All that is to be said about the importance of money was highlighted on this track.

It’s an encouragement for every young person to be less dependent on others and hustle to make their own money.


Your playlist will thank you for this track. So go ahead, Listen, Share and Download Timaya FT Flavour MONEY MP3 here



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