Thriller by Michael Jackson MP3 Download

Michael Jackson – Thriller MP3 Download

Michael Jackson who owns a record of being the first black man to feature on billboard sings aloud for his girl friend.

Michael says his heart almost stopped when midnight is very near but he sees an evil spirit hovering in the dark and using the moonlight as cover-up.

Screaming becomes irrelevant because it’s overwhelmed by the sound of terror and it makes one want to freeze.
You may even be paralyzed when you’re looked in the face by horror.
He calls it the thriller because according to him, no one will be able to save you from the impending doom about to happen and it’d suffice to fight for yourself.

You feel the cold hands of the demon and be left to wonder about seeing the morrow. You’d hope it was your imagination talking but to no avail.

The song goes a long way to narrate how there’d be no second chance to escape what he calls the forty.

He recounts in his fiction, how creatures creep in and dead bodies start walking around.

Though scary, it looks like these demons are aliens.

The whole story is about eternity and judgement after death…

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