Thoughts on Teaching Piano During a Pandemic

It’s difficult to make any sort of plans at this moment, however it’s particularly difficult for piano instructors to look forward as we consider what another school year of piano exercises may bring.

News is by all accounts changing consistently and there is a ton to mull over to guard our students, to limit hazard to ourselves and our families and to put forth a valiant effort for the more noteworthy local area, communities and country at large.

Here are some of the ways that piano lessons (music lessons) will probably appear to be unique in the coming school year and interesting points while offering the lessons during a pandemic.


Most piano educators are familiar with showing a surge of students in the after school hours. Now and then we have daytime obligations in schools or with grown-ups or students of homeschool. Yet, with the chance of schools changing their timetables/schedules, we may need to totally reexamine our instructing/teaching hours.

For instance, a few children may be at their actual school just part-time which could let loose them for piano tutorials at various times than the typical after school times.

A few students may be on a pivoting plan that is not the very same time every week.

Guardians/Parents might be depending on new childcare choices and extracurricular activities that have their children inaccessible until in the wake of working hours.

Schools might be restricting extracurricular exercises inside the school, so that may change a piano instructor’s part inside a school in the event that you show piano tutorials or work with a department of music at a school.

Some school schedules/calendars are changing which could influence the anticipated progression of most school years.

As you make your 2020-2021 timetable, there may be a need to begin with one timetable and acclimate to another new timetable as the year goes on.

Somely, the current year’s adjusted timetable may work in support of ourselves to open up new instructing hours. Nonetheless, it will bring new difficulties and phenomenal booking issues.

Lesson Format

There’s a beautiful wide range of how instructors are moving toward piano tutorials. A few instructors are remaining all on the web, while others are the same old thing. There is absolutely no correct response for how to go about piano exercises at this moment. Where you are found and your own solace level with working intimately with others are significant variables to consider.

As the instructor, you initially need to choose how agreeable you are being in closeness to your students. Yet, you additionally need to consider how your students feel about it. It is feasible to rehearse social removing while at the same time instructing piano. Educating from a subsequent keyboard or piano 6+ feet from your understudy makes it simple to exhibit without sharing their space. Or then again, simply sitting or remaining a good ways off from your understudy actually gives you a decent chance to offer criticism constructively and offer guidance.

Instructing/teaching out of your home, in a public space or in understudies’ homes will all influence how you may decide to design your exercises.

In the event that you instruct group piano classes, you must need to consider on the off chance that it bodes well to assemble gatherings of students. Is there adequate room for everybody to keep a protected distance? Are understudies utilizing a great deal of shared gear and supplies? How long a time will students be gathered together?

Instructing totally online is certainly a protected alternative to count on. Furthermore, you could generally utilize a cross breed approach that remembers some for individual exercises and some online exercises.

Safety Protocol

Here are some security insurances that you could notice:

Security Measures that you could follow

Additionally, consider new ideas to check whether you can modify your space or reason another space to all the more likely suit the present circumstance. For instance, in my own studio, I’m utilizing a window between my kitchen and sunroom to offer “yard piano exercises.”

While it’s not ideal to be in the fundamental living space of my home rather than my committed showing space, it’s a penance I’m willing to make to protect things as workable for my understudies and my family.

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