If you want to be a guitar player and you have probably tried it on your own but could not get a grasp of playing the guitar then be happy because you have finally come to the bus stop; your problem is over.


Before we get started, understand that there is nothing that is impossible for you to do. Every good guitar player you see today (including me) was once a ‘wannabe’ which means you are not the first and will not be the last.

Brace up and let’s cruise up together.





One of the first question I hear from newbie guitar players is ‘should I use electric guitar to start or acoustic?’

So many schools of thoughts have come out to have a long debate that may not come to a conclusive end soon on this very issue but here is my take on it.

I advice you start up with an acoustic guitar for convenience; for newbies, electric guitar strings are tough and painful to the fingers so learning with acoustic guitar will be more soothing to get your fingers strong and bold before getting to play the electric guitar.


Another advantage of an acoustic guitar over the electric counterpart is that, acoustic guitar is affordable as compared to the exorbitant prices of the electric guitar.

Learning with the acoustic guitar makes it easy for a wannabe guitarist and trust me the transition from acoustic guitar to electric is pretty easy.

Sounds interesting huh?

Another interesting part of learning with the acoustic is guitar is that it builds your ears and also fine-tune your TIMBRE (tonal quality) which will make you sound better as compared to all the effects that are embedded in the electric guitar which will make you forget working on your tone.

Let’s proceed!


Let’s say you’ve bought yourself a guitar.

There are other things you need to take cognizance of:

  • Strings
  • Picks
  • Capos

Strings are very essential to guitar playing but not to worry though, your guitar will come with its full strings and even spare.

All these accessories will come with a new guitar (if you buy new though) but if you have an old guitar and you don’t have these accessories then check out AMAZON…




If you have come this far, let’s get started folks…


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