Victor Eshiet – “The Emoji”

“The Emoji”

We have hidden under the Emoji of deception for so long a time.

Like Hyenas of the forest, we’ve hidden under the Emoji laughing away our sorrows in the midst of it all.

We’ve laughed through our pains, betrayals, anguish and deception.

We thought we’d find cadence in the greener lands of our fathers but the cadence we found was rather deceptive and did break us all.

Even when the pains were unbearable, we hid our watery lids behind the Emoji.

The Emoji we did put up was that of a happy man with blossom edges but deep down the lane of reality, we feel pains unfathomable.

The Emoji became our fortress and did hide our faces from shame; the shame of showing our plights before the nonchalant crowd.

The whole front has been that of make-believe and no one seems to take cognizance of the pains that lie there in; all they see is the Emoji.

We are broken and battered from within yet the Emoji shows beauty unrivaled.

Just yesterday, Jude had lost a father to the cold hands of death and all that was needed to succour him was four scour thousand; yet everyone Jude ever known became broke to stupor on the ‘D’ day.

Alas! All they saw was the Emoji and ran donations for the interment.

The lady wearing the nice fragrance we all complimented had turned into whoredom for solace just to meet ends; after all even when she had her papers some beasts of burden wanted her succulent body for meat and she fled behind the Emoji and yet still, landed in the same cycle.

To many, the Emoji has been a shield and to some their plight.

Despite the Emojis, all is not well; this we must admit.

Though we look strong behind the Emoji, we are weak and almost giving up.

There are a thousand and one words I wish to say but I’ll rather hide my pains behind the Emoji knowing all I have left is but faith for faith will win the Victory at last.

© Victor Eshiet

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