Teenagers in the States: Poetry

She became a teenager yesterday and the next day she claimed to had found love.

If only she understood what love is.

She yearned to perform what she had been seeing on her TV screen and on the pages of books.

“What’s the feeling like?” She thought to herself.

Alas! All she wanted was to have a taste of the fruit that was forbidden by higher powers.

She turned 14 and wanted entanglement by all means.

Her first experience was that of pains and gnashing of teeth but to her ’twas a necessary evil.

She wanted more and more she got; it became a ritual for her.

After weeks of entanglements, her Health went left and there could only be one explanation to it for she was clueless, myopic yet fertile.

Just yesterday, her young lover swore by his father’s grave he never knew her upon the bed.

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