Spoken Word: A BENIGHTED PUN by Victor Eshiet

The Sun stood still the whole of the moment I realized the reality that was before me.

Reflecting soberly, I saw the emotional drainage cutting through my marrow with pains and misery.

Unhelpful as a sheep led before the slaughter; so was I in my misery.

Alas! Words to convey my feelings have failed me.

Life has never been fair but it is worse than I thought it to be.

The only crime I committed was to Love.

So I gave my body, emotions, intellect and my all but got nothing in return.

The nothingness I got was pains, heartbreak and misery.

Mother LUCK has been in enmity with me from day one.

In my heartache I danced to a cadence which I thought to be perfect only to find out it was a deceptive one.

It’s me again!

I had thought him to be a lover and a friend so I did tell my TRUTH to him.

I cried blood to prove my innocency and to perhaps buttress my TRUTH but his heart was bent on the lies he was told.

He was never a FRIEND but a FRIENEMY!

With impunity, he left me broken sore yet not satisfied with the broken pieces.

My heart is broken in twain but my solace is in the SON of my youth.

I’ve become A BENIGHTED PUN in the hands of those that afflict me.

But GOD whose precious LOVE redeemed me will raise me up again…

Cast down but not destroyed!

© Victor Eshiet

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