SAPA: SAPANO FINANCE and the Merger of Crypto into POS Platforms

In recent times, the reports of sudden surge in the interest and participation of persons in cryptocurrency abounds and this proves to be good news for decentralized economy. Before the Advent of Bitcoin by person(s) whose identity has been kept sealed but chosed to go by the name Satoshi Nakamoto, the control of money was known to be in a centralized leadership of which each country’s currency was and is controlled by a centralized governing body like the Central Banks of individual countries. Crypto currency negates this attribute and inturn has rendered the control of monetary assets to individuals.

With this in mind, cryptocurrency’s major attribute is decentralization (without a single central governing body).

It is in this light that Sapa has been created to act as further decentralized way of exchange while making use of the most used platform of money circulation which is Point of Sale (POS)

What is SAPA?

While there’s been a surge in recent use of POS as well as it’s distribution which inturn fasten the monetary transactions at a very low cost and time saving magnitude too, it has not been without setbacks of which abounds in their numbers. These challenges go beyond the technicality of the PIS gadgets to the consensual agreement and to that of correctness.

By this, we are referring to the ability of the system to detect the disparity between a fraudulent transaction and a correct one.

There is no record of direct trust from a cryptographic system and other financial institutions world over which has made it difficult for agencies to detect where a particular crypto transaction is emanating from in terms of Point of Sale. Which has prompted the creation of Sapa.

Sapa has been created to act as an intermediary between the customer and the decentralized economy with the aim of rendering consensual agreement and correctness to the POS platform.

How Can I Buy SAPA?

SAPA which was launched in July 2021 has offered to the public their token of which is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network and the pre-sale is ongoing and all that you need to do is go to and get your token.

What are the Charges of Buying the SAPA TOKEN?

As earlier stated, SAPA is built on the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network which means the gas price is lower than other cryptocurrencies like that of Etherium and even Bitcoin. The price charged for buying SAPA TOKEN is in $cents.

Isn’t that amazing?

How Do I Get Updated When There is new Updates on SAPA?

To crown it all, you can follow SAPA official social media handles on Twitter and Telegram
There are many impersonating accounts and this is the Official SAPA social media handles.

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