I Go Always Pray for You by Nosa MP3 Download

Nosa is a Nigerian artiste with the difference. He digresses from the usual Nigerian pop feel and does a kind of afro Fuji fusion and with his riffs, runs and slurs he does it well.

I go always pray for you according to Nosa was born out of passion of miissing a love one. He vows to always pray for his love and have her at the back of his mind.

He also reiterates that distance is never a barrier to their love life as he’ll keep praying for her and through the Grace of God they will meet again and never to part no more.

Some people are of the opinion that the young singer was singing for a love one he lost to the cold hands of death while some are of the opinion that they separated and he still loves her.
Whatever it is, the message is passed and that is what matters…

Download the MP3 below:


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