How to Tackle Challenges of Music Theory (for newbie Music Major Students)

Probably, Music theory is one of the most challenging course faced by fresh music Major students but nevertheless, it could be quite easier for folks who’s taken some music theory classes and even AP music (theory).

In this article, we are going to share tips on how you can tackle such challenges and come out strong as a music major.

Let’s roll!

Making use of a keyboard

As a newbie music major, my advice for you is to make the piano your friend. Make sure you do all your musicianship and music theory assignments with the use of a piano.
Even though you may not have a good knowledge of the piano, spending time with it will get you more familiar with it and things will fall in place.

Spend hours to study how the notes relate.
What makes it more interesting for you is the fact that you must’nt use the piano in your department’s music chamber or studio. You can get a little and portable keyboard for yourself and use it at convenience.

Group Work

You’d agree with me that learning music in pairs is more easier than in isolation. Share yourselves in little groups and do the exercises and learning together. Let one person among you (may not be the best person) teach at a time while others follow. It is more fun doing exercises and drills together as a group.


Make use of resources at your disposal and be sure to be a good learner. Study ahead by making use of some quality music blogs like and others to maximize your potentials.

Know Your Learning Style

Most times, your lecturers come up with a style of learning they deem best for the class or their favorite style or approach to learning and understanding music theory.
This is to ascertain the fact that there is no one approach to learning music theory. This is one of the things you must understand and be sure to check out the approach that best sooth you because not all the approaches will be best for you.


Self-awareness is a consciousness of one’s self in an environment with many other people. By this I mean you have to understand what you’re in college or the music school you are in for. Take cognizance of little things like harmony, melody and even the style of music around you.

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