Techniques and Tips on How To sing with head voice

Notably, many people see the head voice as sounds that is experienced somewhere around the head (skull) when singing very high pitched notes. It is a technique of singing very high notes without Straining.

The voice can be manipulated to work just the way you want it to be and mastering the art of using the head voice is one of them.
Many singers have mastered the usage of the head voice and you too can.

As any other talent, you must nurture it by dedication, practicing and paying attention to details. The head voice will come out sweet, not strained and very soft, if the nitty-gritty of acquiring it is followed holistically.

Let’s Try Something

Let your hand be fixed on the crown of your head and hum.

What did you feel?
You must have felt some vibrations passing through your head.
This is the simplest way of learning the head voice singing.

Let’s try another method:
Place your hand at the back of your neck and then hum.

What did you feel?
If you did it properly, you must have felt a movement of vibration passing from your throat to your neck and to your head.

Nevertheless, before starting the head voice singing techniques below, be sure to have a singing capacity. This will pave way for easier comprehension and smooth running of the exercises.

You need to also explore other angles of learning and help your variation of pitches. This can cause the vibration to change it’s location of concentration, but not to worry, it is still the head voice.
With the variation, the vibration will now be felt on your soft palate and your jaw which is the resting place of your tongue.


Tips to Sing With Your Head Voice

Note that this is not magic and you can’t be good overnight. The most important thing is being consistent with practice. Just like other aspects of music, consistent practice is key.

Be sure to warm up before attempting any practice I’m going to show you. We have an article on the kind of warm up exercise you can try out. Check it out and be informed.

Now let’s begin with the tips of getting to sing with the head voice:

1. Breathing

Breathing is the most easiest step since all humans breathe, it won’t be hard for you to breath. But then you have to learn how to hold and manage your breathe well for maximum performance.

Breathe in and hold it for 10 seconds and then exhale. This exercise fits into all aspects of singing and you cannot be a better singer without knowing how to manage air in your lungs while singing. Breathing helps you to sustain your notes.

2. Be Relaxed

This is another aspect that needs much attention. Though it is different from breathing, being relaxed is a mental exercise and little of physical.
Relaxing entails you focussing on the notes you’re to sing. It helps you to hit your notes and takes away tension from your voice.

3. Head Voice Communication

This is where the lesson gets more interesting. You’ll need to learn how to communicate by talking with your head voice.
To increase your speed of learning to sing with the head voice, you can say these words. Chinny chin, not by the hair.

4. Discover The Voice That Feels Right For You

If there’s anything you should not do at this time, it should be straining to hit high notes very fast. There is a variation of voice, so there is a limit or threshold for every voice and it is natural. Trying to pass your threshold or limit could be catastrophic, and you could destroy your vocal cords.

Nevertheless, you can learn to improve on your singing range but it takes time and process. Discover for yourself, a voice that is convenient for you and improve on that.

5. Sighing and Yawning

This exercise may sound creepy but then, it is one of the exercises that will help you achieve your quest to song with the head voice.
It is very easy to do, just loud your sigh while yawning and that’s it.

6. Pay Attention To Vocals by Other Singers

Mentorship is another key way of learning music in general and singing is not left out.
Music is one thing that cannot be done by a single individual and no one is has a monopoly of knowledge. Get other people’s CDs and videos and listen to them, they’ll help you a great deal. If you’re able to identify singers with same vocal range as yours, then it’d be a plus. If you can’t, just focus on the singer, whose voice you admire and get acquainted to how he or she sings.

7. Make it As Simple As Possible

Never complicate the exercises for yourself.
Rome wasn’t built in a day so you can’t gain perfection in a day. Start simple and graduate to more complex exercises as you move.
Also build on your foundation. Foundation is key and much attention should be paid to your foundation.

8. Humming Letter ‘M’

This exercise is very simple to do. Just keep your mouth open and hum the letter M. Make sure you place your tongue directly to the upper part of your jaw. This will help increase your head voice singing capacity.

9. The Smilling Exercise

When you smile, air moves through in your head smoothly. This is because the palate is heightened in the process of smilling. Just keep smilling but don’t smile for no reason.

10. Start Singing

All the exercise we have done so far in this article would be futile if you cannot sing. At this point, practice is key. Practice at the slightest chance you have.

Note that the chest is not supposed to vibrate when you’re using the head voice, so don’t release so much of weight on the muscles of the chest. If the exercises are done religiously, then your vocal range will increase and you will be able to use your head voice at will.

Be consistent. Consistency is Paramount.

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