How to make money online during this lockdown without losing a dime

*How to make money online during this lockdown without losing a dime*
Due to the Covid-19, most cities around the world have been on lockdown for many days, in order to cub the spread to the pneumonia-like pandemic which scientists are yet to discover or rather prove an effective vaccine to conquerer the virus.

Many people are forced to _stay at home_ doing nothing. Yet the bills are there to be paid. Many are wondering how they could make money with their internet accessible devices.
While some do not have the funds to start the businesses, some are too scared of losing the little saving they have left for the survival during the seemingly infinite lockdown.

_*Below are some online businessman you can do without investment a dime, so you’ve got nothing to loss:-*_

*1: Earn Money With Affiliate Marketing:*


Affiliate marketing is the same as running a retail shop. You need to sign up with retailers such as Flipkart, Amazon to promote those products that you like the most via websites and social media apps to make the right amount of money. It is a kind of separate option as it gets fits with any online business. In some cases, people do not own a website but earn money via affiliate marketing. For instance, you can curate a list of your favourite books and link it to Flip kart so that people can purchase books of their interest. You will earn an affiliate commission. Also, you can begin with promoting affiliate links through Facebook groups and online forums.

*2.Through Content Writing:*


If you are a good writer and good in English grammar, then you can write contents to make money online. No doubt, writing an article is a time-consuming process as requires vast knowledge and search. But it does not need any investment to start this work. You have to write sample articles and begin working by sending them to your prospects. Moreover, you can also work for a website which gives you money for writing. You have to sign in and begin writing and earn money online.

*3:Earn Money by Becoming a Freelancer:*


If this question arises in your mind that how to make money as an entrepreneur. Then, you can make money online by becoming a freelancer if you know programming, marketing and designing. You need to have the patience for doing this work. Also, two skills are required to become the right freelancer. First is a core skill that you have, and the other is marketing skills. You can also take the help of an expert marketer if you are not good at marketing. Along with it, you should have excellent communication skills to get more clients.

*4. Make Money by Writing an E-Book:*

You can also earn money online by writing an e-book. If you have any topic of your interest or your hobby you want to write about could be easy. Moreover, if you will fund a site that will buy your book and pay for you will be beneficial. For selling your book online, you take the help of Amazon kindle publishing. They will charge a commission on every sale. You can sell many copies there.

*5. Start a Product Startup:*

It is a more profitable method of running a business online. You will never know how a startup will help in your growth. You need to do the hard work for making a product of customers choice. The complete process of starting a business is quite exciting. Moreover, you can facilitate people with loans or provide a credit limit.

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