How to Increase Your Lung for Optimum Singing

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Lung capacity is greatly needed and this inturn calls for breathing exercises. It is one of the most essential ingredients of singing and thus, pro singers practice it as well.

Proper breathing aids in the protection of your voice and it will pay a great deal if you employ the proper singing techniques.

Inhaling through your nose in order for your tummy to be filled with air is important and make sure your chest and shoulders are relaxed and not raised.

The diaphragm also needs to be exercised so you need to inhale and exhale for several times.
To add to this, other work out exercises could help a great deal. You can play with your pets by running around with them, that will also do.

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Try doing other sporting activities like long jump, volleyball etc. for some minutes daily.

Let’s get started guys!

In this article, I’m going to explain the 3 ways you can expand your lungs for efficient breathing which will inturn affect your singing positively.

  1. Breathing Properly: Everyone breathes to stay alive but then, the breathing we are talking about though not different, is a conscious effort you put into the breathing you already do since you were born.

These are ways to breathe properly:

a. With your shoulders backwardly stretched, stand errect: Make your shoulders tilt backward a little bit but don’t raise them. Make sure your feet and shoulders including your chin are parallel to the floor.
Also make sure your knees are not locked but loosened. Let your tummy swell on it own and don’t shoot them out.

Good breathing posture is essential as it will enable you to fill your lower lungs with air as against the upper lungs you fill in your normal daily breathing.

b. The second step is to fill your tummy with air while inhaling through your nose. Make sure the breathing is slow as you count 1 to 4.
Make sure your tummy expands (you can place your hand on your tummy to this effect). Hold the breath as you count 1 to 4.

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c. Make sure your chest is not protruding when you’re inhaling. Your chest and shoulders should be relaxed and not protrude.

Note that when your tummy is filled with air, your ribs will protrude a little bit. Be careful not to follow suit with your tummy or shoulders.

d. Exhale gentle through your mouth and count 1 to 4 as you exhale.

Another method is to breath normal and hold it for a period of time before exhaling.

Start with lower counts and increase your counts as you proceed.

Exhaling must be done slowly and pretend like you’re blowing a thin straw through.

What would you do if there was a candle placed before you and you’re asked to blow it out gently?
That is the exact way you will have to exhale the air you inhaled.

This exercise should be run for a couple of minutes, maybe 10 to 15 minutes.

After this, the next step is to add letters or better still sounds to your breathing.
There are various sounds in which you can add. Sounds like ‘Shhh’, ‘sssss’, ‘ehhhhh’ sounds would all suffice.

Add this sounds as you alternate the counts while breathing in and out.

With these exercises notwithstanding, one of the things that will help keep your voice in good shape is exercise.


The benefits of aerobic exercises cannot be overemphasized as it is pertinent to maintaining singing prowess.

While exercising, sing along. This will help strengthen your lungs and on a long run aid your singing.

You don’t have to worry about paying money to visit the gym before practicing this. Try jugging and even walking on your own.


Drink 7 to 10 glasses of water daily

One of the best practices to keep your voice healthy is keeping your throat hydrated. You can do this by drinking water regularly. Take at least 7 to 10 glasses of water daily.

You wouldn’t want to experience what dehydration can do to the vocal cords and folds.

Make sure the water is not ice cold. Take lukewarm water whenever you want to rehearse or practice.

Your ability to precisely take charge of your vocal folds will be limited with the continuous drinking of cold water.

Quit Smoking Completely

Smoking is detrimental to health and your singing voice is not an exception. Smoking affects the lung directly and once the lung is tampered with, your vocal cords are exposed.

This is serious and I don’t want to mince words.

Desist from smoking if you ever wish to move your singing career forward.

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