How to Hold a Microphone When Singing or Rapping

How to Hold a Microphone When Singing or Rapping



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Professional rappers/singers don’t simply hold a microphone according to their impulses and likes. They hold the microphone in a manner that the microphone will produce the best sound. Obviously, the microphone is a fantastic instrument for enhancing the amplification of your voice during performance. Be that as it may, the manner in which you hold the said microphone when singing or rapping might either work for your favour or against it. The manner in which you hold the microphone will determine how your voice will emerge from the PA framework. This means that when you know precisely how to use the microphone in support of your voice, you will in fact profit much from utilizing it.

Obviously, there are numerous factors that determines the way you hold the microphone when singing. For instance, your degree of nervousness may make you hold the microphone in the incorrect manner. However, in the event that you realize how to hold a mic the correct way, you can generally address your grasp very fast.

There are a few variables to put into consideration when utilizing a mic for rapping or singing. Realizing these elements can assist you with amplifying the sound nature of your mic.

Here are these fundamental factors that you need to consider:


Distinctive Hand Positions You Can Use

As a rapper or singer, most mics you will use are handheld mics. In this way, it will be ideal to realize the diverse hand positions when holding a handheld microphone. Obviously, you can hold the mic around the handle or around the framework (any part in the middle).

With regards to holding the microphone, you can hold it by the handle. As you hold it there, you will see that insignificant tinge happens. In the event that you hold the microphone’s head with one or two hands, you will see changes in how the microphone catches your voice, and there is a greater percentage of input and feedback.

Also, the manner in which you hold the microphone may influence the recurrence reaction (response in frequency) of the microphone. Probably the most well-known techniques for holding the microphone incorporate holding the microphone underneath the wad of the mic. Thusly, you won’t contact the microphone’s ball. You can likewise hold the mic underneath the ring, which sits on the microphone’s ball. Rappers frequently use this method of holding the microphone.

You can forestall the microphone from moving excessively far away from your mouth by situating your thumb on your jaw. Notwithstanding, your hand isn’t the lone factor that can impact how the microphone gets sounds. Your head’s position will likewise be a factor. Additionally, the microphone’s plan and its polar examples will decide how the microphone will catch your voice.

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Consistency in Microphone Distances and Directions

One of the factors that add to better microphone yield is consistency. Consistency won’t just allude to your voice’s consistency. However, it ought to likewise allude to the consistency of the distance between the microphone and your mouth.

On the off chance that you are utilizing a directional mic, the microphone will neglect to catch the entirety of your vocal yield on the off chance that you dismiss it from your mouth. However, a few specialists utilize this method for impact. They move away from the mic from their mouth once they sing stronger.

Albeit this strategy betrays the standard of consistency, some artists also utilize them to make an incredible impact. They likewise for the most part move the microphone away when they belt their last note to deliver that becoming dull outcome. They may likewise shake their head in a forward and backward direction to make a vibrato impact.

Legitimate Grip

Other than consistency, you likewise need to know the appropriate grasps when holding the microphone while rapping or singing. It will help on the off chance that you grasp the mic well to empower you to perform well. Holding the microphone too firmly or too freely won’t be of help either. A medium grasp is ideal for optimum and ideal execution.

You can press on the microphone, obviously, when you turn over some vocal entries. However, you should shun grasping the microphone too firmly as though you are excessively apprehensive. Such a grasp will influence your body, including your voice, arms, shoulders and neck.

Squeeze the Microphone Firmly

There are occasions when you need must squeeze the microphone solidly. Pressing the microphone firmly has its great incidental effect on your body. However, don’t press the mic excessively hard, for this can make a development of pressure in your hand, wrist, shoulder and voice.

In the event that you press the microphone firmly enough, your breathing turns out to be more controllable. Also, the microphone will move a lot in the event that you don’t hold it well, and such developments may get enhanced and may meddle with your vocal interpretation.

Wrap the Microphone with your Fingers

The right method of holding the microphone involves folding your fingers over it. Along these lines, the microphone will stay consistent and won’t move so much. It will likewise assist with utilizing every one of your fingers to hold the microphone to guarantee that it doesn’t wobble or move around. It will likewise assist with loosening up your wrist while you hold the mic to seem certain and more confident to your audience.

Hold the Microphone at the 45° Angle (This is the Correct Angle)

You ought to make sure that the grille’s middle is straight in your front at a 45° angle to your mouth. Such a point advances breathing and extension of your ribs. In actuality, you should avoid holding the mic in an upward direction as though it is a gelato. This position won’t ever upgrade your voice quality.


It will assist with checking the best plot for the improvement of your microphone’s pickup. Be that as it may, the best and most recommended point is at 45° point. Additionally, you can move the mic’s position once you hear that you sound hoarse when singing.

Decide the Right Microphone Distance

In spite of the fact that there is no standard about how far you ought to arrange the microphone from your mouth, specialists have their best conclusions on this matter. They suggest that you keep the microphone around 3-5-cm away from your mouth. You ought to likewise be aware of the sweet spot, which may vary on numerous events. In this way, before you sing, you can quantify the distance you need to set for your microphone.

As you become a specialist in taking care of the microphone, you will sort out effortlessly where the sweet spot lies. Whenever you’ve sorted out the sweet spot, you can keep the microphone in that area all the more regularly. Be aware of the legitimate point in holding the microphone, for, with the proper point and the sweet spot, you can undoubtedly enhance the utilization of your microphone.

How to Hold the Microphone When Rapping

Directional mics are useful of the closeness impact when they are utilized excessively near the mouth. The closeness impact happens when the microphone is excessively near your sound source or your mouth. At the point when such an impact happens, the mic creates more bass reaction.

Obviously, in the event that you are a radio commentator, you will profit with such an impact to keep your voice low-conditioned. However, on the off chance that you are an artist, you can use this impact to make your voice sound voluminous and full.

However, in the event that you are a bass vocalist, it will be good you cease from putting the mic excessively near your mouth to make that vicinity impact, for you don’t have any requirement for that impact.

Things You Need to Avoid When Holding the Microphone

To expand the utilization of the mic as a rapper or vocalist, you likewise need to know the accompanying nitty-gritties or things that you ought to keep away from when holding the microphone:


Abstaining from pointing the microphone at the feedback monitors will be of great gain.

  • Abstain from situating the microphone toward the front-house amplifiers.

Try not to cup the mic’s grille or head, for it will decrease the directionality of the mic, it will prompt the mics catching more sounds from the amplifiers and screens.


Try not to turn the gain button too high on the channel of your microphone.


The handheld microphones are just like other microphones, however the manner in which you hold and grasp this microphone will have a serious effect on the sound it produces. Therefore, knowing the appropriate method of handling it will help a great deal and if the microphone isn’t handled properly, it will develop problems and you will find it difficult to get the sound you wanted. To this end, to stay away from such issues, you need to learn how the directional microphones are handled.

Obviously, you may say that you have seen various professional singers and rappers handle their microphones regardless of any settled standards of handling microphones and their performances were still superb. Thus, you reasoned that it doesn’t make any difference how you hold the microphone. And as long as it extends your voice well, then, at that point it is alright. Yet, such a thought may not function admirably in support of yourself and your career. Just if you had the opportunity of listening to what the said professional singer or rapper had to tell you in regards to this issue.

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