How to achieve Vibrato in minutes

Vibrato is a very important topic as far as music is concerned and it’s usefulness cannot be overemphasized.

In this article, I’m going to tour you around the meaning, usefulness and how VIBRATO can be achieved.

Let’s get started!

Vibrato is the very act of taking a spin of breath upon the voice (vocal cord) to produce a shaky kind of voice. It is also the vibration of a pitch on a note.

There have been much theories making round that vibrato is inherently achieved and if you don’t have it then it’s not for you.

Firstly, I want to debunk that statement. Vibrato, just like any other music technique, can be achieved through learning.

What I actually meant by learning is taking voice lessons from qualified and competent music tutors.

In regards to how your voice sounds, there are so many factors to this effect.


What we have to be conscious of is accent. When I say accent, I mean the way the place you grow up from affects your speaking prowess.

For example, someone that grows up in Paris can never talk like someone in New York except he or she trains him/her self to that effect.

The same thing applies in music. Training is vital.

Note that what you eat and drink affects the voice on a long run and to this end, foods with so much oil should be curtailed.
Smoking is very dangerous to the lungs and you can never sing well if your lungs are not in good shape.

This article is not about how you can keep your voice healthy.
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‘I have tried to apply vibrato to my singing but I end up sounding awkward when I do so’

It is not out of place to sound awkward when trying vibrato for the first time. Vibrato is not difficult, it is easy when the right techniques are applied. It takes consistent practice to achieve it.

If you’re still reading this then you’re on the right track.

Keep reading…

In a natural milieu, vibrato could be naturally endowed on a person but then, in order to achieve its effects smoothly, there must be a conscious effort of learning and practicing.

Let’s get started with how to achieve it.

Get a piano or a guitar

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Click on the key of C (C on the piano is the white note before the two black notes) then click on the black note that follows C which is C#.



Play it at the interval of 1 and 2 and 1 and 2. Don’t forget to increase the tempo as you play.

If you’re using a guitar, you can play the first fret of your B string (2nd string) and your 2nd fret to achieve it.

What was your observations when you did that exercise?

I’m sure you’ve come to discover how the vibrato works huh?

We are going to replicate that with your voice.
So take the exercise slow and replicate the sound as you increase the tempo.

If you cannot replicate the sound you’re hearing then you may probably be suffering from TONE DEAFNESS.

Put this into your exercises before you start practicing any song and you’ll be amazed at the progress you’ll make in less than no time.

If you need a video of this in order to make it more easier then hit the comments section and I’ll drop it ASAP.

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