How Can I Improve My Singing?

This statement may look simple but getting an answer may not be as simple as it appears.

Knowing how to improve your singing is to a greater extent, dependent on your understanding of what your problems are.
For the record, I’d say categorically that practices that makes use of all the fundamental techniques like breathe control, diaphragmatic support and making use of your vocal folds without stress or tension will go a long way to aid your singing.

The vocal folds (voice), is connected to different types of muscles and just like other types of muscles, the muscles will get more stronger as you use them. The key is to try out exercises that are more challenging.

Let’s get started!
There are ways you can get your singing voice improved regardless of your qualifications educationally and otherwise.

1. Take Good Care of Your Body

The voice is not like other instruments you come across. The voice is associated to your body and it’ll show when your body is tired or weak. This is why you need to take care of your body. Register in the gym and take some physical exercises that will help build your muscles and body. Make sure you are well hydrated while avoiding overfeeding and smoking.

2. Use the Correct Breathing Techniques for Practicing

It is very crucial for you to aid your voice with a good Breathing technique because anything otherwise will send tension to your throat while stressing the vocal cords.

Five Ways to Maintain the Health of Your Voice

3. After Comprehension of Breathing – Practice

Note that there are two different sides of being a good singer. The first is Technique you use and the second is Practice. Techniques can be learnt but when it comes to practice needs commitment and with time, mastery is gained.
You cannot become a prolific singer by just learning techniques but practice is what will make you perfect.

4. Build on your Technique

This means learning new singing techniques. If you need to be prolific in your singing, you cannot do without vocal techniques and the best ways to interprete the technique. It will in turn make you more proficient in your singing. You end up singing better than some of your respected singers and this brings joy and happiness.
With this, you’ll get to understand how your voice quality (timbre) could be upgraded. It will go a long way to help your singing career.

5. Be Original

Don’t try to imitate someone else’s sound. Be unique and don’t try to sound like a celebrity you so much like. Authenticity is one great feature every singer should crave to have. It is not enough to have a high pitch and a beautiful voice that sounds like Michael Jackson’s voice.


Let your voice be unique. Yes we all have limitations maybe from genetics, but try to maximize your singing prowess by sounding like you.

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