Hallelujah no go Finish for my Mouth by Frekie Umoh MP3 Download

Freke Umoh is a Nigerian musician with an outstanding voice. He is a performer and his music arrangements are out of this world.
He comes from the southern part of Nigeria and Akwa Ibom State to be specific.

Hallelujah no go finish for my mouth is a song born out of thanks giving to God. He recounts the countless gifts that God has done for him and how He set him free.
The song hallelujah no go finish for my heart is done in Nigerian pidgin English and he uses that to adore his God.

He says for God to show him goodness and mercies that he will use the life that he has to praise God.
For God’s goodness, hallelujah no go finish
For His mercies, hallelujah no go finish.
For the love, hallelujah no go finish…

The song is danceable, so get below and download it or stream it:


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