God bless America




A land so blessed by God
A place of refuge and succour to every race under this terrestrial ball
A land surged out of fire
A land under bondage of colonial masters fought to earn her freedom
A land flowing with milk and honey
A power and a great force of reckoning on mother Earth
And perhaps
The greatest country of all the lands on this globe

We have had our ups and downs
Yet, we persist through them all
The tears and sweat of our heroes past has secured our land to victory

My glorious America
May your greatness never be quenched by your foes
May your light never be put off by your adversaries
May you never be the villain among nation’s


Your greatness has just begun
And just like the river Euphrates
Your greatness shall never vanish


God bless America
God bless The United States of America
Long live Great Motherland

© Victor Eshiet

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