Dangote by Burna Boy MP3 Download

Burna Boy is an afropop singer par excellence. He is from the southern part of Nigeria.
Burna Boy is been compared to Fela Kuti by some Nigerians because of his style and voice quality.
Burna Boy is a good singer and his music stands out.

Dangote is one out of his numerous tracks and it’s a song that is worthy of listening to.

He brings the message of hope while comparing himself to the African richest man, Dangote.
He says if Dangote upon being the richest man is still looking for money then who is he not to.
He says he will hustle till he gets to a point of having such money.
This song is very prevalent especially with the youths. As it gingers one to hustle to make it in life the more.
It’s a song you can have either in your phone or on a cassette player and play it to encourage you in your daily hustle.

Dangote by Burna Boy is a reminder that we should not lay low or discouraged from making more successes in life.

Burna Boy talks about the African Richest man (Aliko Dangote). He admires his prowess of wanting to succeed more and not letting anything to be of a distraction to him and what he is doing.

This song is an encouragement to upcoming young men who are striving to make ends meet in life. Burna Boy encourages them to never give up on life but to keep on pushing to achieve big feat.

Burna Boy is known to be one of Nigerian and African pop musicians currently and this song is an attestation to that fact.

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