Steps and How to Tackle Breathe Control

April 21, 2020

  Breathing could be said to be a natural phenomenon in that it is inherent in us. It is almost not believable that someone could actually breath or take in air in a wrong way. Well, you could be right but it is totally different when it comes to singing and taking in and removing […]

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8 Steps to Cure Tone Deafness

April 20, 2020

Tone Deafness which is otherwise called Amusia can be described as a musical disorder which affects the pitch perception and music memory of a person. It can be divided into two classes namely: 1. Acquired amusia and 2. Congenital amusia I will start by defining both of them so what is acquired amusia? Acquired amusia […]

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How to Start a Music Career + Frequently asked Questions Answered

April 20, 2020

According to Susanne Langer, ‘music is the tonal analog of emotive life’, this she explains is because rhythm finds it’s way to the soul. This write up is going to expose you to questions most beginning music career ask. We are gonna take this to be a class and an interactive one for that matter. […]

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6 Steps to Learn a Musical Instrument

April 19, 2020

Have you been struggling to play and a musical instrument and it’s been posing as a hard nut to crack? Or are you thinking of playing one and you’re wondering how you could make quick progress on that instrument? Well, here are so exciting tips I made to help see through your learning process. 1:- […]

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Negro Spiritual: The Bedrock of Modern Comtemporary Music

April 17, 2020

Negro Spiritual which is otherwise known as Spiritual songs are songs created by Africans that were sold out to slavery in America. The African slaves experienced severe torments by their American Masters and the only way they could probably find hope and succour was in the Bible. While in slavery, they were forced into Christianity […]

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Andrea Bocelli breaks new world record

April 15, 2020

The veteran Classical singer broke world record as his music for Hope Concert becomes the biggest live-streamed classical event of all time with 35million views. The historic event reached over 2.8 million peak concurrent viewers, making it one of the biggest musical live stream performances of all-time and the largest simultaneous audience for a classical […]

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How to make money online during this lockdown without losing a dime

April 10, 2020

*How to make money online during this lockdown without losing a dime* Due to the Covid-19, most cities around the world have been on lockdown for many days, in order to cub the spread to the pneumonia-like pandemic which scientists are yet to discover or rather prove an effective vaccine to conquerer the virus. Many […]

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History and Everything you need to know about Bitcoin

April 9, 2020

Bitcoin which is the first know crypto currency (If you don’t know what a crypto currency is click here, I’ve made a post about it) which is known to be digitally decentralized which means it doesn’t have one administrator or central banking platform. Bitcoin can either be sent from peer to peer on the network an […]

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History and what you need to know about Crypto Currency

April 8, 2020

  Cryptocurrency which can also be spelt separately (Crypto Currency) could be seen as an assert digitally designed to act as an exchange agent or medium that is aided with cryptography in order to enable financial transactions, verification of assets being transferred and creation of additional units control. Crypto currencies differ from digital and centralized […]

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Wise God by Shelter Ugbor ft Emeka Ugbor

February 15, 2020

Shelter Ugbor is a Sensational worship leader with good voice. A worship leader with quality.Wise God is one of his singles and he features Emeka Ugbor. Wise God is not just a song but a worship rendered to God in totality…   Hit the Download button below! DOWNLOAD MP3

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