Singing Tips

13 Sure Ways to Promote your Music (Songs) for Free

February 19, 2021

There is music being delivered each second yet figuring out how to advertise your music is a favorable position each artist needs to use . A huge number of new melodies are being delivered every day, and, as a rule, what decides if every one of these tunes will proceed to discover a group of […]

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How to Increase Your Lung for Optimum Singing

November 24, 2020

  Lung capacity is greatly needed and this inturn calls for breathing exercises. It is one of the most essential ingredients of singing and thus, pro singers practice it as well. Proper breathing aids in the protection of your voice and it will pay a great deal if you employ the proper singing techniques. Inhaling […]

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Techniques and Tips on How To sing with head voice

June 24, 2020

Notably, many people see the head voice as sounds that is experienced somewhere around the head (skull) when singing very high pitched notes. It is a technique of singing very high notes without Straining. The voice can be manipulated to work just the way you want it to be and mastering the art of using […]

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5 Vocal Warm-up Exercises to do before Singing

May 8, 2020

5 Vocal Warm-up Exercises to do before Singing Warm-up is one of the most important part of singing. This is so crucial and you can not do without it if you must sing successfully. If you do play football or any other sport, you would agree with me that you have to do some warm-up […]

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