Bullion Van by M.I ABAGA ft. Runtown, Phyno and Stormrex MP3 Download

Billion Van by M.I Abaga features music legends like Runtown, Phyno and Stormrex. They bring up a good and profound tune about club life.

Billion Van in this context signifies the huge money that is being spent in clubs. Some come with little money, some with huge amount and some are ready to buy the bar.

When this happens, some stand to look from afar just to take a look at such huge spending.

The big boys in the club are those with bullion van (huge amount of money). When this happens, they want all eyes to be on them and this is exactly what happens in the club.

This song is a song of club life.

When spending in clubs, spend wisely and don’t get drunk.

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