Book of Life by Nathaniel Bassey MP3 Download

Nathaniel Bassey is a sound musician with the nitty-gritty of writing spirit filled songs. His songs are known to bless thousands of life.

He comes from the southern part of Nigeria and Akwa Ibom State to be precise. He has written many songs but Book of life is one of his first songs.

In this song, he explains how judgement day will look like. He talks about a man who slept in the night and woke up in eternity. As he woke up, he looked around but nothing was seem to be familiar to him.
The man saw an angel and made enquiries about the place. The angel told him the place was forever land where he’d either get a crown or be damned forever.

A book was opened but unfortunately for him, his name was not found on the book. He had to shout for help saying he was a pillar in his local church and that he paid his tithe while also feeding the poor…

Download the MP3 or stream it below:



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