Biography and What You Need to Know About Ruth B. (Ruth Berhe)

Biography and What You Need to Know About Ruth B. (Ruth Berhe)

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Ruth Berhe (Ruth B)

Ruth Berhe who is popularly called Ruth B is a Canadian songwriter and singer born on the 2nd day of July 1995 in Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

As early as 2003, Ruth Berhe started her music career by singing songs on Vine.
She however released ‘INTRO’ which happens to be her debut play in 2005 and released ‘SAFE HEAVEN’ her debut album which has been streamed for over 645 million times on Spotify on May 5th, 2017.
As of may 2020, Lost Boy which is one of her hit singles, gathered over 495 million streams on Spotify and her YouTube channel is not left out as she has made over to 255 million views.

Ruth Berhe is birth name and Ruth B is her stage name. She is 24 years old (born on the 2nd of July 1995). She is from Edmonton, Alberta Canada. She is a composer and a prolific singer and plays the piano too.
Ruth Berhe has been consistent in her profession as a singer and has been up to her game since 2014.

In 2013, Ruth Berhe finished from Ross Shappard High School, she took a break to focus on her career as a musician after enrolling at MacEwan University.

Ruth B’s Music Career


Ruth Berhe’s music career kick-started when she dropped her first Vine video in 2013 (May 9th to be precise), and made more Vine videos the whole of that year. She also made Vine covers which lasted about six seconds, these helped her gather followers from across social media platforms.

In 2014, Ruth B inspired by ‘Once Upon a Time’ made a Vine video and this video however went viral and got her over 84 thousand likes in a week. This was not a rampant thing at the time. The viral video gave birth to her hit single, LOST BOY. This was because most of her followers commented on the Vine video requesting her to make it a full video.
Lost boy was however, dropped on iTunes and YouTube on February 12 and January 18 respectively.

In 2016, Ruth B started recording her debut album with New Zealand producer Joel Little. She is said to had written tons of songs and had problem choosing songs for her album.

Ruth was nominated for Juno Fan Choice Awards and was the winner of breakthrough artist of the year and song writer of the year in 2017.

There are some musicians that Ruth Berhe has listed as the major influence that have shaped her music career and they are: Carole King, Adele, Lauryn Hill, The Beatles, Ed Sheeran, Group love and Taylor Swift. She said she has been keen on trying to incorporate their pattern of music into hers.

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