Before You Wake Up by Adekunle Gold MP3 Download

Before you wake up by Adekunle Gold is a song of reiterating love. Adekunle Gold is assuring her lover that the love he has for her is very large and big. He urges the girl to runaway with him for 6 months and they can do that two times a year.

Before you wake up, Adekunle Gold says his mind is made up to love unconditionally and never mess up.

He vows never to break up and all he needs is for the girl to let him in and he is willing to go forever with her.

Love is a beautiful thing and he vows to pay Beyonce and JayZee to sing for her on the vacation even if it means him spending all he had to do so.

He has been forming bad guy and hard guy but ordinary love don fall him hand.

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