• January 26, 2022 8:44 pm

Asa: How did Love Find me by Asa MP3 DOWNLOAD

How did love find me by Asa is a song with deep meaning.

Asa starts with asking us to pray for her because what she’s fears so much is happening to her.
She further adds that what is happening to her is a predicament and of course a necessary evil that she waited so long for and it is finally here.

What she is referring to us LOVE!

She said she gave love and she never thought she’d get love in return and hence her fears.

The song is actually a question and Asa comes up with series of questions about Love of which has not been answered yet.

Asa said she practically ran to the mountains and even over the seas but love still looked for her and finally found her.

“How did you (Love) find me?”

Download the song below:

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