AG: Damm Delilah by Adekunle Gold MP3 Download

Damn Delilah by Adekunle Gold is a song of regret and pains. He has given up on the love he once had for a woman he loved and all he is saying is burn in hell and never come back.

Delilah according to Adekunle Gold was never there when he needed her but now that everything has turned out fine she wants to return.

He (Adekunle Gold) used to think she took his heart away but no, he was only chocked by her lies and betrayals and now he has gathered more strength and courage to get rid of her in his life.

She ran away when her help was needed but now she calls and text as if she cares. Since she left he is stronger and now he has forgotten her completely. Delilah leave me alone.

Always check your life for anything like Delilah and send her out.

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