6 Steps to Learn a Musical Instrument

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Have you been struggling to play and a musical instrument and it’s been posing as a hard nut to crack? Or are you thinking of playing one and you’re wondering how you could make quick progress on that instrument?

Well, here are so exciting tips I made to help see through your learning process.

1:- Choose an instrument you love
The very first thing you must do to ease the stress while learning a musical instrument is to choose one you love have a crush on. That way you’ll easily flow with the learning process, because you are in love with it. Mastering the instrument is already a dream you wish to make a reality. So you’ll practice with ease and no see the learning process as a burden.
Of course, you don’t won’t to bore yourself with an instrument as if you were punished with a hard-core task.
You’ll not need to force yourself to put up a positive attitude towards the instrument.

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2:- Set goals you can make easily achieve

What’s most important is that you are improving. So you don’t have to rush up learning your musical instrument by over tasking yourself. Over tasking will make you easily get bored with the instrument and that will begin to discourage you, killing the passion for the instrument.
Grow steadily and before you know it, you’ll be where you want with the musical instrument.
Remember you are not in a race. Speed kills!

3:-Watch and learn from the Maestros
Even in cases where you are a self – taught learner. It’s very important to watch those who have made tremendous impact with the musical instrument. Choose yourself a mentor. You can also learn from online tutors. But I’ll add that the need of an physical tutor cannot be overemphasized.

4:-Don’t isolate yourself

Research has shown that most instrumentalist learn faster while playing with others. Get a band or a group you could perform with. This will expand your musical knowledge horizon as you would share ideas within yourselves.

Playing with others also boost your morale with your instrument. Your confidence at the instrument will increase. Also, when the practice or rehearsal with your band is over you will most likely have more things to practice privately. Different ways to apply concepts on your instrument will be discovered.
I’m sure you might start considering joining that group in your area. Remember, no man is an island of knowledge, and your musical instrument is not an exception.

5:- Go for competitions
Everyone loves to be applauded when he or she makes progress. Going for competition may not always be to win a price but to also gain exposure. Get to make new friend with people who share like likeliness for a common instrument.
When you go for competitions, you’ll be evaluated by experienced and professional players of your instrument, who will give constructive criticism which will make a great impact to your progress on the instrument.

6:-Have fun
While practicing, feel free to try new things. Make a big joke of yourself. Laugh at your mistakes and see yourself grow. Play at your leisure, find solace with your instrument. Love to see yourself play your musical instrument.
Lastly, entertain the people around you, accolades will lift your spirit and give you more drive to practice and improve on your musical instrument.
Make yourself a star!

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