5 Vocal Warm-up Exercises to do before Singing

5 Vocal Warm-up Exercises to do before Singing

Warm-up is one of the most important part of singing. This is so crucial and you can not do without it if you must sing successfully.

If you do play football or any other sport, you would agree with me that you have to do some warm-up exercises before you start playing.
This is done to get the full potential of your body and to get yourself ready for the main business which is playing football. The same thing is applicable in voice. To get your potential as a singer and to increase your ability, you must warm-up before singing.

You will agree with me that when you wake up in the morning, your voice gets hoarse and groggy, do not panic, it is natural. It will take you some minutes to talk in a good tone but this exercises will help speed things up.

1. Hold Your Breath 

Breathing is very crucial if you must have a smooth singing experience.

Start with holding your breath for five seconds then send out the air slowly (do not send out the air all at once)… send it out little by little. After that breathe in and hold your breathe for ten seconds and breathe out little by little. Do the same thing for fifteen seconds and follow the same procedure.

2. Lip Triill:

This particular exercise could seem a little bit difficult and awkward but don’t worry you will soon get used to it.

Make sure your lips are closed but do it gently then blow air out of it gently. Make sure there is a vibration which may likely come naturally and there be a brrrrr sound.
Also make sure you hold your breath while doing this.

3. Tongue Trill:

This exercise is more complex than lip trill. You need to curl your tongue and once you are able to curl your tongue, you’ll be able to do the tongue trill. To do this exercise, try to make an rrrrrr sound by rolling your tongue. While making the rrrrrr sound, try to pitch a note with the rrrrrr sound and alternate the sound.
To achieve greater result, place your hand on your jaw to feel the tightening of your jaw muscles.

If using pitches to make the rrrrrrrr sound is too hard for you, then try using any vowel sound of your choice.

4. Humming:

Humming is another warm-up exercise to look out for. You will have to place your thumb finger on your chin, this is to enable you feel the muscles between your neck and your head.
Make sure those muscles are relaxed. If you ever get tensed or feel the muscles get tight, do well to release them.
You will most likely be resisted by those muscles but then continue, you will soon master the art of singing with the right muscle.

5. Exercise Nay Nay:

This is another great exercise that can aid your singing in less than no time if done correctly. Make sure you don’t breathe out so loud on the notes you are working on.
It will seem difficult at first but don’t worry, you are on the right track.
Always make sure that your thumb is on your chin. This will however, give you the picture of the workings of your Vocal chords mentally.
Do it from 5 to 10 minutes and you will feel your voice get clearer.

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