5 Tips to Sing Better (Techniques your Vocal Coach will never tell you)

We are often told that music is only inborn and can’t be learnt if the talent is not in you. I’m here to debunk that lie and to tell you that singing could be learnt.
I understand there are people who sound amazing just singing on their own but then, singing is a learnable art.
I know there’s a singer that tickles your fancy and all you want is to sing like that singer. The truth is that greater percentage of the singers you covet today probably sounded awful when they first began singing but only got better with practice.
The worst part is how some singers have spent months and even years practicing but can’t boast of any improvement. What could be the problem?
This is because, they don’t employ the right approach to practicing and not because singing is not their thing.
To this end, this article will cover the approach that should be used if singing like a pro is to be considered. I’ll discuss 5 cardinal techniques you can use to speed up your singing process.
If you are an average singer and you want to stay average, never develop your sense of style sense of identity.
But if you want to grow above the level of mediocrity then you got to learn how to hit your notes confidently with precision, power and finesse.
Things you need to learn are:

1. Originality

Let’s take American Idol for a case study. You’d agree with me that all the finalists have at least met the minimum standard for qualification and thus the final stage. What does this mean? It means these guys are pretty good singers. How many of these guys are you still hearing today if I may ask? Probably one or two or even none despite the standing ovation of the crowded spectators during their presentation. And one would ask, what are these talented singers missing?
To find out, let’s make a comparison of them with the other notable singers you love listening to.
You haven’t gotten tired of listening to them because their singing style is unique and they don’t try to sing like someone else while the idol contestants tried mimicking someone else’s style.
If you must last longer in your singing career then you have to develop your own style. And how do you develop your own style?

a. Be Bold


Don’t give in to what people may say regarding your voice. Get on stage and showcase what you’ve got. There’s no harm in trying.
Your attitude while singing matters a great deal so comport yourself and sing. Don’t forget to carry the audience along but make sure you do it your own way.

b. Be Confident

While singing, make sure there are no signs of freight or fear in you. No matter how nice and sweet your singing on stage is, a little fear can shatter it and people will always remember the little fear that crept in.

c. Copy Your Favorite Singers not Songs

It sounds out of place to say you have to develop your own style and at the same time, I’m saying you should copy your favorite singers right?
Now this is the point. To get your own style you have to understand the styles of others and you do this by copying the styles you like. Nite that I said you should copy your favorite singers and not all of their songs regardless.
Most great singers of today found their styles through this way and you’ll be able to get yours if you follow religiously.
Oftentimes, most aspiring singers misinterpret this point and go all the way to copy every song they hear but the technique is for you to copy good singers not good songs because a song can be good and the next one bad but good singers will always produce good songs.
To achieve this, form a list of about six to seven of your all time favorite singers.

2. Find out who can be copied and who cannot.

Your vocal register have a very large role to play. There are singers you can never sound like if your vocal register doesn’t permit you otherwise you end up destroying your vocal cords and folds in the process of striving to copy them.
Pick the ones you’ll be able to sound like and don’t feel bad about the other ones you can’t. It’s natural!
3. Create your unique voice
After discovering the singers you can sound like, then borrow from each of them to create your own unique style of singing.
You’d also discover that most of the legendary singers you picked, have more than one technique of singing. Some have a kind of soft voice when going low and some of them have metallic voices when screaming and so on.
Explore all of them to create yours.

4. Practice Daily

Practice cannot be overemphasized. You can’t sound well without practice.
Effective practicing makes one perfect or near perfection.
Practice daily to improve then watch your voice blossom.

5. Accompany yourself with an instrument

Some beginners find it difficult to sing along with a live band and thus fumble on stage.
Apart from the beauty it adds to your singing, singing and accompanying yourself with either a piano or a guitar helps you remain in key and also helps you get all your notes correctly and moreover, the problem of not being able to sing along with the band is cubed if not eradicated.
Accompanying  yourself also helps you to control your pitches effectively.
Let’s know what you think of the lesson in the comment box.

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