5 Steps on How to Increase your Vocal Register (Range)

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5 Steps to Increase your Vocal Register

Increasing your vocal register presents you with options to choose from while singing.
Apart from having options to choose from, singing could be needless or boring if the people you are singing for does not enjoy it. Increasing your vocal register avails you with the opportunity to thrill your audience.
This course is for singers that wish or yearn to increase their vocal range. In this course, I will be discussing five good steps to increase your vocal register.

1. Body Posture: Note that your vocal quality and blend gets better once you understand and use your body in the right way.
It is a general notion that singing higher pitches is very hard, well, this is kind of true and in fact, singing high pitches is near impossibility if you do not put a good and a singing body posture.
My advice for you is, make sure you keep a good body posture. (IF YOU’RE WONDERING HOW TO KEEP A GOOD BODY POSTURE IS, THEN CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT).

2. Never Strain Your Voice to Sing: Did you know that straining your voice does not give you high notes and even if it does, your voice will not have good quality? Now you know. Truth is when you are straining your voice to sing, you will end up shouting instead of singing.
Straining the voice or neck to get high notes can be very tempting but never indulge in it. Make sure you are relaxed while trying to get your high notes, this way your vocal chord relaxes too and gives you a nice and quality voice.

3. Lips Thrilling Exercise: The major work of the lips thrill is to keep all the moving parts of your singing voice parts balanced.
Always make sure you do this exercise for at least 20 minutes at the beginning of every practice before you do any other thing.
This exercise will not only give you high pitches, but will fine tune your vocal chords and make your vocal quality good and outstanding.

4. Swallowing Muscles: Make sure your swallowing muscles are relaxed of you want to hit the high notes. This is because if your swallowing muscles are tight, they will not let your vocal chords get thin if you tighten them.
There is a serious and dangerous interference between your swallowing muscles and singing if the swallowing muscles are tightened but if you relax them, it let’s the voice flow without any obstruction.

5. Do not Use Power while Hitting your high notes: Wanting to use power to hit the higher register could be tricky but it is wise to avoid it.
While still learning, it is advisable to use medium and even low intensity to hit your high notes and as well as sing. This will enable you to develop clean and quality sound.
Practicing with high volume however is not advisable, this is because as a learner you need to learn how to hit your high notes relaxed in every possible way but using power and high intensity to sing limits this prowess and will in a long run hurt your singing.

Having taught you the 5 possible ways to increase your voice compass, I want you to also know that ‘slow and steady wins the race’. Never sltop practicing. Practice every day no matter how busy you are.

Effective practice makes perfect.

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