3 Sure Ways to improve Stage Presence

1. Grin/Smile

That’s right – so straightforward yet so viable. Grinning charms you to the crowd and causes you to show up more amiable, receptive and a grin makes you quickly look more sure.

With regards to organizing your presence, initial introductions certainly tally so ensure you put everything into that first smile.


I’m not simply looking at utilizing it as a resting place for your mic – no, it’s an instrument for you to use while you are up there in front of an audience. There are entirely a couple of ways you can utilize your microphone to remain in front of an audience yet one principle approach to improve your stage presence is to put the mic stand BEHIND you when you begin singing.

This little development can free you up to the crowd. They quickly feel like you are more available which expands your stage presence straight away and also you have eliminated the snag from your space and you presently have a region where you can move uninhibitedly.


In the event that you stand like a solid board you will look strange. Nobody stands that way. Simply ensure your arm motions go with what you are saying i.e, an irate note: held clench hand, a force note, an open palm, being adorable, saying something regarding to yourself – a hand on the heart.

Also, don’t be reluctant to expand your arm out wide.

So have a go with those three straightforward strides as these will help you look a ton better in front of an audience. Furthermore, if certainty this is an issue for you, simply pick ONE to attempt whenever you’re in front of an audience.

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