10 Types Of Songs You Need In Your Audition “Book” For Musical Theater Performers


Perhaps you’ve been battling to sort out what tunes and songs you need to have prepared for your auditions. I have good news for you.

This article is for you!

I’m an expert of theater entertainment and also an audition mentor and this is where I Start when working with writers to assemble their books for audition. Before we plunge into the rundown, here are a few things to remember! Make effort to read up  How to Start a music career. I believe that will set you in the right path as to what we are going to discuss in this article.

Let’s get going!

Everything in human expressions is abstract. Individuals may have various opinions which of course is alright! Do what works for YOU.

When I say “audition book” I mean a binder copy of your songs in a binder with your label on it. In any case, I likewise imply that with the period of Zoom and even self-tape auditions, it is additionally to your greatest advantage to make computerized duplicates of piano tracks cut the way you like for auditions.

As you will be updating your book, be sure to have melodies that likewise show great depth of your vocal capacity! Do you know how to belt? (Check out how to Belt). Ensure you likewise have a choice or two that hotshot some higher soprano tones in the event that you are requested it.

Make sure to change keys when the need arises or when you want to. Particularly adequate for POP/ROCK!

It is a smart thought to stay away from EXTREME passionate states. Preposterous “furious” or “dismal” can be off-putting except if that is expected of the part being referred to. (I use cites since I don’t regularly talk about acting as far as feeling… yet that is a blog for one more day!)

These melodies should cross a wide scope of enthusiastic profundity and objective. Interesting points: “I Want,” snapshots of disclosure, intelligent/thoughtful, dynamic, final turning point, review, acknowledgment, battling for adoration/proclaiming affection, or working through a hindrance.

Lastly, remember – that you ought to be socially and racially mindful while choosing tunes. There are numerous shows that are about race or composed for individuals from little gatherings.


I characterize CLASSIC/TRADITIONAL as a show composed and delivered BEFORE 1966. Uptempo implies a more splendid rhythm and normally lighter in account! Make certain to have an uptempo that actually flaunts range and the capacity to have sustained notes. Ballad is a melody that moves at a more slow beat that typically has long legato vocal lines. These will in general be more genuine and serious in nature and can show another side of your voical ability and acting capacity!


I characterize CONTEMPORARY as a show composed and created after 2000. These tunes ought not be from jukebox musicals if conceivable – those melodies are from the pop/rock genres and ought to be utilized in those areas underneath!

Inside the initial 4 tune types recorded above, you should cover various registers of your voice and be shifted in acting style. Kindly remember that there are MANY CONTEMPORARY musicals that SOUND like they are exemplary or from another time. Contemporary shows like that of THE DROWSY or the THOROUGHLY MODERN MILLIECHAPERONE sound like the music is from the 1920s despite the fact that they were both initially created during the 2000s.


I suggest having TWO Pop/Rock tunes in your auditions book. I track down that a great many people are acceptable with a fun, up-beat melody and afterward an agonizing, more stone sounding tune. Musicnotes has an astonishing assortment of AUDITION CUTS by Sheri Sanders so on the off chance that you need a kick off, view.

These could likewise be melodies from jukebox musicals, yet for me, I try not to utilize those. We truly need to hear your pop/rock sound and not impact by a melodic auditorium sound. Presently, “pop/rock” is an exceptionally broad term. Ensure that you have choices that cover the sorts of shows you may try out for. Suitable tryout tunes for ROCK OF AGES won’t be the very melodies that are proper for MEAN GIRLS.


Notwithstanding POP/ROCK we likewise need something that has a FOLK-like sound. Precisely where on the society scale you need is absolutely up to you. There are a lot of contemporary craftsmen who have more people sounding tunes. These kinds of melodies would be useful for BRIGHT STAR, WAITRESS, VIOLET or SPITFIRE GRILL auditions to give some examples!


This tune might be shrouded in #1-4 however this classification has somewhat more opportunity. Parody is extremely abstract so focus on a tune that is rhythmic, interesting and amusing. I would urge you to track down a melodic theater tune from a show that either isn’t well known, or from a melodic theater author who composes amusing independent tunes! Incredible resources for these are the FamousInNY and 54BeloeYouTube channels!


This is the avenue where you’ll sing your 80s/90s SWEEPING POWER BALLADS from shows thought to be MEGA MUSICALS. These sorts of songs are just helpful for auditions that are additionally for MEGA MUSICALS. Jekyll and Hyde, The Secret Garden, Once On This Island, , Dreamgirls, Les Misérables, Ragtime, The Phantom of the Opera and so forth This is additionally where you could have tunes from Pippin, Godspell, and Jesus Christ Superstar! A few group circle 70s-90s in with CONTEMPORARY and I simply think they need their own arrangement. These shows don’t seem to souund like the Broadway shows of the most recent 20 years like Dear Evan Hansen, Come From Away, Kinky Boots, Something Rotten, Fun Home, and Hamilton. Also, most SONDHEIM falls into this classification and not contemporary or classical.


This can be whatever that features something you do that might be required for explicit shows or jobs. Do you rap? Scat? Have whistle tones? Have WILDY low notes? Discover a piece that exhibits this. In the event that you don’t have an expertise to grandstand, you can utilize this opening with a melody that you LOVE that perhaps doesn’t fit in a class previously recorded.

I’m sure this helped!

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